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In a letter released on June 4, COG Senior Pastor Anthony Velasco claimed to have pointed out to SPIST their conditions on allowing their graduation ceremony to be held on their facility. Sass never felt like a male; rather, she loved being female and identified herself as such. A post shared by Sass Rogando Sasot (@sasssasot). Mikee, the eldest, said, go ahead, Miguel, tell dad. Sass second offence was USING Anakalusugan Party List Representative Mike Defensor and his daughter to push the SOGIE bill. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION THIS IS DISGUSTING!Dear Department of Education:I am also a teacher. Since the posting of SASS of me and my daughter dancing during her debut, there have been nasty, degrading and cruel comments on her FB page. What we didn't know is that she was really a wandering, penniless mendicant desperate for a job, who worked as a prostitute in the streets of Europe, offering anal sex, blow job, hand job - by her own graphic admission later. She cannot disclose her personal information in any media or interview. Showing love despite of her childhood difficulties. delete, reproduce, or modify comments posted here without notice. At Maastricht University, she teaches international relations, negotiation skills, and policy analysis. LIVE: Statecraft with Sass Rogando Sasot | April 29, 2023Special Guest: Prof. David Vine | Author, The United States of War#Statecraft#SMNINewsJoin this channel to get access to perks: SMNI News Viber \u0026 Telegram CommunityGet updates via Viber: us on Telegram: kalimutang mag-JOIN at mag-SUBSCRIBE sa ating Youtube channelClick the link to Subscribe: Watch Us OnDigital TV SMNI News ChannelFREE TV on Ch. Sass Rogando Sasot's actual birth name has never been revealed on the internet; as a result, her genuine name has always been the same before and after surgery. I offered Sass a number of times to arrange a meeting with the Pangandamans but it seems hed rather not hear the other side of the Valley Golf incident story as any responsible individual should. On top of that, I also have a BA Business Administration in Human Resource Management from the Open University of Hong Kong. It is funny the leader of this site, DU30 is right when he stated that BBM is a, Read more here:, While this article obviously has taken the stand similar to. It was with courses taken at UCLA and an MA in International Relations from Leiden University, which she recently completed. She was one of Duterte's prized champions, representing the very best of the overseas migrant community, highly educated, vocal, zealous, a transgender activist, to boot. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Posts that are inappropriate will If you have any doubt related to Sass Rogando Sasot Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Ethnicity& More. First of all, Cong. Before my academic pursuits, I have dedicated a decade or so of my life in advocating for the advancement of transgender rights. Being a docent in the History Department (since August 2018) is the latest chapter in my lifes adventure. Social media weigh in on fake stunts amid kidnapping prank, Thai PM candidate gives birth two weeks before election, The dirty truth about your phone and why you need to stop scrolling in thebathroom, Thailand-based ticketing platform to expand market in the Philippines, King Charles coronation to feature historic chairs, SB19 to drop new EP, hold world tour next month, Croatia clears mystery clumps of oil from beaches before tourists arrive. Her Monthly salary is $80,000- 85,000 USD. 3 possible outcomes that may come off the Hong Kong riots. Here in the Netherlands. By Now hes the one taking care of his father. All structured data from the main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; text in the other namespaces is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of . By She cannot disclose her personal information in any media or interview. 2 talking about this. What gives? Because of that speech, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health awarded me the 2014 Harry Benjamin Distinguished Education and Advocacy Award, in recognition of my valuable contributions to advocacy for transgender equality and rights. She updates her Instagram bio as Studying World Politics and Global Justice in The Hague with two posts. Sasot made her first move and asked Nieto why the latter called her "underinformed" about the possible new sites for Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement . This is the Official You Tube Channel of Sass Rogando Sasot Allan Troy, Rogando and how he seems to have maliciously USED people whom I count as friends in his hysterical rampage to make noise for the stillborn bill. Friday, March 3, 2023 Today's Paper. While hugging her, I continued whispering to her that, I love her and that our morality stays the same. Read:How Old Is Sue Pryke? Q2) What is Sass Rogando Sasot Net Worth? (UPDATE) THE Southern Philippine Institute of Science and Technology (SPIST) has apologized to prominent transgender woman and LGBTQ activist Sass Rogando Sasot and the parents of the students for the "inhumane stoppage" of the senior high school graduation rites last Friday by the Church of God (COG). My broad and expanding research interests as a scholar include realist political philosophy, international relations theories & histories, philosophy of history, territoriality, conflict resolution, diplomacy and statecraft, UN Security Council, the South China Sea conflict, and transgender issues. Here in the Netherlands. She was the first in Filipino who transgender in 2017. She update in her Instagram bio that she studying World Politics and Global Justice in Hague. She was the first in Filipino who transgender in 2017. This is not the first time I have been thanked for doing what a father should, but Boy Abunda and his PA Phil, and my friend Melo from UP did so and I honestly am amused by the attention Im getting from simply doing whats right. She got into a quarrel with Mocha Uson and Lorraine Badoy. We have a case here in the Philippines, where a TRANNIE, scammed a U.S. Marine , to service him as a prostitute. About Sass. Manzanero further said that the school considered this incident as an attack on the institution and the people involved, including Sasot. By SASS ROGANDO SASOT March 19, 2019 SASS ROGANDO SASOT. There have been many laws now around the world which protect LGBTQ rights. Sasot is available on Instagram under the username of @sasssasot. Watch the full interview of political columnist and blogger Sass Rogando Sasot about her recent encounter with BBC correspondent Jonathan Head as well as he. Stop this 1. She realized that life in the Netherlands was less sordid than life as a political prostitute in the Duterte regime. Ans 1) Sass Rogando Sasot is known as Philippine Writer, Blogger and Advocate. Your life is far more precious than the thrill, the excitement, Sass Rogando Sasot recalls the time when the anti-discrimination bill was unanimously passed in the Philippine House of Representative in less than 30 minutes. Sass Rogando Sasot responds to Atty. Sass does not update her site daily with her private things and pictures. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This entire viral drama seems to have been imported from the Wests LGBT scene, and they are not role models in their regards to Equality and how to attain it. Your email address will not be published. Brother Eddie raised the situation of Catholic and Christian schools where boys and girls are separated. 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The objective of the bill is to stop demeaning, derogatory, slanderous and defamotory comments of which bottomline is to respect rights of a person which, I believe, someone from the religious sector would not commit. Sass was the first Filipino migrant student to get the ECHO prize, awarded to outstanding and potential migrant learners every year. Pride parades, Whats in a prank? She is transgender man to woman. automatically be deleted. Do not shout or use CAPITAL LETTERS! James Green, an international transgender rights activist, served as her mentor via email. Im also against this but abuse by parents just because of gender should also not be tolerated. We will release an official announcement on the re-schedule of the post-graduation and its details. Sass Rogando Sasot Since 2001, as she was about to turn 19, Sass has dedicated herself to the LGBT Rights movement in the Philippines, most specifically to issues of gender identity and . DICT Usec. She is a contributing writer on TG issues for the mag, through The Activist. I hope you find all answers related to Sass Rogando Sasot Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Ethnicity. Be the first to . Read More:Who Is Nona Mikhelidze? For who can question the value of her credentials as "docent" of Leiden University of the Netherlands, with an MA in International Relations, minor in International Development, magna cum laude, among other distinctions. Given that our lives are considered less than a lot of people, it's easy for trans women to become victims of violence and for Sass Rogando Sasot: "In a nutshell, Angelina Mead King is gay if what you mean by gay is a woman who is erotically/romantically attracted Sass Rogando Sasot: "The idealists are afraid of Duterte. She did Masters from Leiden University. I teach as myself - as a woman. Authors > Sass Rogando Sasot Sass Rogando Sasot. It seemed she could single-handedly shut down the human rights champions on the other side of the political divide, such as Chito Gascon and Dean Tony La Via, with their equally impressive curriculum vitae. 39 Roxas, Ch. This is a the first transgender rights organization of the Philippines. Your email address will not be published. She is a left-handed, dyslexic introvert who enjoys reading, traveling, writing poems, dancing, listening to music, watching movies, walking, and cooking, according to various reports. It happened during the graduation ceremony of Southern Philippines Institute of Science and Technology (SPIST) on Friday afternoon, June 3. Im an atheist who is an adherent of Zen Buddhism. More than anything else, the SOGIE bill is about love, kindness and tolerance. He killed her, I cited in my earlier blog, about the case of the Biblical person named : Lot. In December 2000, I embarked on a mission to fight for transgender rights in my country. A very rare breed of an intellectual. Menu. (UPDATE) THE Southern Philippine Institute of Science and Technology (SPIST) has apologized to prominent transgender woman and LGBTQ activist Sass Rogando Sasot and the parents of the students for the "inhumane stoppage" of the senior high school graduation rites last Friday by the Church of God (COG). This included not allowing an LGBTQ member to be a guest speaker on their pulpit. She began taking hormones when she was 12 years old. Her age is 21. Prior to this, the events place owner the Church of God threaten the school to change their speaker+, Erina (@yahmoongirl) June 3, 2022. Sass Rogando Sasot, a Filipina who lives in the Netherlands and is an LGBTQ activist, was born in 2001 and had no Wikipedia page. In 2014, she graduated magna cum laude at Leiden University. It really is Sass's mother. ", ***Not available for delivery outside of the Philippines. THE Southern Philippines Institute of Science and Technology (SPIST) has apologized to blogger and transgender woman Sass Rogando Sasot, as well as the parents of their students over the inhumane stoppage of a graduation ceremony on June 3, 2022 over failure to comply with the conditions set by the venue owner. The SOGIE BILL is a Trojan Horse of the SODOMITES LGBT+ people, to have sense of entitlementsthe bill will lead to special treatments for them. Sky Cable Ch 46 Davao and Cignal Ch. The Pangandamans are a very kind people. 39 Manila, Ch. 38 Vigan, Ch. What Sass was referring to was an incident at the Valley Golf Club where the father of golfer/golfer Bambee Dela Paz pestered and publicly ridiculed the party of then DAR secretary Nasser Pangandaman over some golf rules. Posted onSeptember 1, 2019September 1, 2019AuthorE Fayarowel3 Comments. A day after, Dr. Erlinda Manzanero, president and CEO of the Southern Philippine Institute of Science and Technology, issued a letter of apology on Facebook. He also noted in the letter that the facility was not an events place. Media serves as an eye for the PCG to show how they're fulfilling their sworn duty and not for whatever reason Sass Rogando Sasot says. In this blog. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION THIS IS DISGUSTING!Dear Department of Education:I am also a teacher. Facts To Know About The Owner Of Porcelain Tableware. In 2014, she received the Harry Benjamin Distinguished Education and Advocacy Award from the World Profession Association for Transgender Health. She never felt trapped by her body or something was wrong with it. She did graduation in Business Administration(BA) in the Human Resource Management. Bruce Riveras well-circulated contrarian take on the Valkyrie fracas. Sass was the first Filipino migrant student to get the ECHO prize, which is granted each year to outstanding and promising migrant students. Required fields are marked *. She update in her Instagram bio that she studying World Politics and Global Justice in Hague. This disconnect becomes less and fewer when her exterior body image matches her interior body image. She did College life from the Open University of Hong Kong. (hahaha). But we realist political philosophers know this very well: Order is a dirty business; and Sass Rolando Sasot first wrote this during Miriam Quiambao's "lie of the devil" statement in 2012. We do not hear of the discrimation, cruelty and violence of the other countries on the basis of gender orientation. However, there are still incidents here and there of these kind of behaviour and we should therefore protect those who might be violated. There was no hatred nor bigotry from his speech and it was based on a well founded Christian perspective. Victory was declared when an August 19, 2022 DepEd memorandum was released, reiterating DepEd Order 32, s. 2017 that calls for non-discrimination. International Relations scholar Sass Rogando Sasot and notoriously anonymous political observer Thin Ganyan na sya kabalahura. And so, she stopped her blogging to save her career in Europe, but that might not be enough unfortunately. Keep reading with one of these options: . Pastors, Priests and those from the religious speak from the biblical perspective and not in an inhumane and derogatory manner.

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