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We began to suspect that there, in broad daylight, a reactor was hiding.. The prime minister, who managed to take a two-hour nap, went on to Tel Aviv to follow the operation from the air force underground command post together with Barak, Livni, the chief of staff and the air force commander. USS Shamal (PC-13) is the thirteenth Cyclone -class patrol ship. Eight planes would be allocated to the mission four F-15I "Raam" (Thunder) and four F-16I "Sufa" (Storm) carrying 16 tonnes of bombs. Olmert was a very unpopular prime minister. He pushed for formulation of alternative proposals. WebA bomb attack on a military bus in central Damascus has killed 14 people, Syrian state media say. The military committee, which would launch the 8 March Revolution, shared most of their views. The 1963 Syrian coup d'tat, referred to by the Syrian government as the 8 March Revolution (Arabic: ), was the successful seizure of power in Syria by the military committee of the Syrian Regional Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party. And before that, at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009, came the Israeli military operation known as Cast Lead against Hamas in Gaza. There is a brief moment when you feel excellent, because you have achieved what was required and then you are very vigilant. We went through the whole process until the correct decision was made. [citation needed]. No security arrangements fences or guards were visible there nor had batteries of ground-to-air missiles been stationed there for defense from air strikes. The 20-page document was distributed to top defense officials. The United Nations security council majority (excepting the USSR) voted for the resumption of work by Israel. So why was it chosen? The contacts with North Korea were coordinated by the head of the Atomic Energy Commission, Othman, and by Gen. Muhammad Suleiman, the regimes person for dark ops, who also oversaw military relations with Iran and Hezbollah. The US carried out additional airstrikes targeting enemy positions and rocket launchers near Deir ez-Zor in northeast Syria following a rocket attack on coalition bases Assad conducted the nuclear project in great secrecy, with very few partners to the secret. Gates was pretty much in shock. The prime ministers two close advisers, Yoram Turbovich and Shalom Turgeman, flew to Washington to brief top administration people. The collapse of the UAR, coupled with mutinies, purges and transfers left the officer corps in complete disarray and open to anti-government agitation. Today that same Soleimani commands Irans military moves in the Middle East, including the basing of the Shiite militias in southern Lebanon, the next front where Israel is likely to find itself acing Syria and Iran. [15] The establishment and the dissolution of the UAR was a catastrophe for the Ba'ath Party as it divided among those who supported the UAR, those who opposed it and those who opposed or supported the traditional leaders of the party. On the way back, in order to reduce weight and save fuel, one of the planes jettisoned an empty fuel container. In this matter, the Mossad concurred with the Military Intelligence assessment. In the course of the examination, the researchers identified the Cube. However, there were no doubts about the decision itself. The cabinet met for a discussion in Jerusalem in the morning. The researchers believed that this was the sign of the existence of a cooling system, an essential element in a reactor. [13], The Ba'ath Party faced a significant dilemma: take power through competitive elections or forceful takeover. [18], In Syria, religious minorities were often underprivileged, and a specific ethnicity usually belonged to a specific social class. The then-newly appointed chief of staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, found an army that was depressed and mired in a deep crisis after some of its top brass had resigned, while others were still fighting the conclusions of the internal investigations and on edge about what might be said about them in the final report on the Second Lebanon War. [19] The new middle class alone could only produce instability, but together with the peasantry, the revolution became possible. According to what had agreed upon in advance, there was no communication between the planes: We maintained complete silence during the flight. Y. reached the conclusion that they were looking in the wrong place. However, Israel began to pay serious attention to that inclination only after the discovery of a serious intelligence gap in another country: Libya. Syrian nuclear reactor attack: Step by step, The Intelligence Failure Surrounding the Syria Strike, The Real Fallout From Israel's Attack on Syrian Reactor. Gradually, it became clear that there were three competing approaches within the administration, and that the president was trying to choose among them. Rather, the question is whether to take a risk in order to prevent greater risks and for that reason there is no alternative to demolishing the reactor., Associates of Olmert describe an angry correspondence with Barak that day, which was conducted via messengers. Meir Dagan was skeptical about the findings; Syria was not a top priority for Mossad activity and the assessment did not constitute a breakthrough in the gathering of substantial proof. In 2005, Col. (today reserve brigadier general) Eli Ben Meir had taken up the position of head of the technology field in the research branch. This is very serious.. Its a story that ended well, says Amos Yadlin. This was, of course, one of the two scenarios that had been feared in Israel during the summer. A quiet and relatively clandestine action would probably be perceived in Syria less emotionally but in such a case, there would be no certainty that the nuclear threat had been eradicated. Prime Minister, what do we do? Olmert replied: We destroy it.), In a rare public reference to these developments while giving testimony in the trial against him in the affair involving Morris Talansky (involving unlawful acceptance of gifts of cash from a New York businessman), the prime minister related: The head of the Mossad called me. Amos Yadlin. The group was successful, and they promised al-Hariri that "If we succeed, you can become chief of staff. Nevertheless, the Arab states were not prepared to coexist with a project which seemed likely to make a major contribution to Israel's economic growth. One of the presidents close advisers later told a senior Israeli official that Bush replied in his typical Texas style: A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Bush also had another crude observation, about Olmert: You see why I love him? There was not much traffic in the area. However the British, who had helped establish the state after World War I, made a secret agreement (Sykes-Picot Agreement) with France and established the Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon. The senior members of the newly established regime were Umran, Jadid and at last, Assad. US bases in north-east Syria have come under attack before, with the US responding with air strikes. [28], Umran was first given the command of the 5th Brigade in Homs, but was promoted in June to become commander of the 70th Armoured Brigade. Al-Hariri led a brigade from the Syrian front towards Israel, while Ba'athists were able to gain control of a second brigade stationed in Suwayda. Until then MI had been focusing on the more accepted channel of countries working their way toward a nuclear project an installation for enriching uranium, based on centrifuges. By no stretch of the imagination will you come back without the reactor having been destroyed. According to David Makovsky, a researcher at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, in addition to eight attack planes, a number of other aircraft also took part in the operation. We had hundreds of miles to fly, some of them in an area full of missiles. This became a source of outcry across Syria and numerous intellectuals began highlighting the new regime's sectarian character through media outlets and publications. I meet with him as a matter of course. At the time, the members were bound together by their goal of building a prosperous nation. Akram al-Hawrani founded the Arab Socialist Party (ASP) in 1953 the Ba'ath Party was established through a merger of the ASP and the Arab Ba'ath Party. Control of water resources and Israeli military attacks against the diversion effort are considered among the factors which led to the Six-Day War in June 1967. We were over the target for two or three minutes. When Olmert expressed concern about the possibility that the Syrians would preempt Israel and activate the reactor, Barak downplayed the risk of attacking a hot reactor. The second option that was ultimately accepted, was sketched by the air force commander on a paper napkin in a brief conversation with the prime minister. It certainly started as an uprising of Syrian citizens. While the conspirators of the military committee were all young, the sitting regime had been slowly disintegrating and the traditional elite had lost effective political power.[20]. 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