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Were deemed artificial life forms by the testing scientist. As always there is a Soros-supported Khazarian agent behind every highly consequential and outrageous travesty of justice like this one. <>. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Now you know? And still are. Put hot Epsom salt packs on it to draw out the infection. This video was published on April 8, 2021, here on Facebook. In which case, if we are taking about that, we must all now do everything that we canweve got to take this as seriously as we possibly can but what I dont want to do is to move people into a state where there has already been too much fear around; to move them from a fear of the virus to a fear of a worm. But it needs to be disseminate.d. However, it is hotly debated as to whether Morgellonswhich was first reported in the modern era in 2001 in America and is largely self-diagnosedis actually a physical disease rather than a delusion. Last year, I looked into what a a face mask consisted of because as a person who enjoys sewing, I thought to make a good of a type as I could. because the materials would have had to be purchase in rather larger quantities than I could use and often the source of the material was in doubt. because there is nothing sinister about any of these fibres. Geez! According to the FDA, the science surrounding the use of these chemicals is still developing. It was widely believed that aerosol spraying (chemtrails) distributed thecarbon nanotubes, which self-assembleinto the black strands seen in Morgellons disease, when activated by specific electromagnetic frequencies. Can you reply to my comment with the mask makers names? We introduce an open-source Python package, WormPose, for 2D pose estimation in C.elegans, including self-occluded, coiled shapes.We leverage advances in machine vision afforded from . Was the hospitalization of NWO globalist Pope Francis really a psyop to elicit sympathy for the deeply unpolar and heretical pontiff?! Who are they? Even if the Facebook post wasn't to be taken seriously, boiling face masks is currently not recommended by health experts. REVEALED: Committed Leftist Judge Juan Merchan Who Oversees Trumps Sham Case in NYC Court Made Political Contributions to Stop The Republicans and Biden For President, VAX FOR TAX: Covid vaccines have caused a surge in IRS estate tax revenues as fully vaccinated wealthy people DIE, Chinese Parents of Schoolchildren Forced to Sign Pledge of Atheism. The latest crazy story is that there are parasitic worms on facemasks and COVID swabs, which is now confirmed, to the absolute horror of a medical doctor in the UK, who practiced for years as an emergency room doctor and as an otolaryngologist and who was also a teacher of anatomy and related subjects at a medical school. I have mud masked, salicylic acid, vinegar, dried it out with fungal creme and it looks like its going away but then the next day, its back again looking like the opening to a volcano. How do junior doctors pay demands compare with MPs recent salary rises? The micro worms in the masks seem to be Morgellons 2.0. Crittenden also claims single-use surgical masks contain polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), known by the brand name Teflon. Face masks are normally sterilised when they are made. The fact-check rating has been changed to "false.". If its of man, its not for ME! They want me to come back in. This doesnt look like one of those.. Two Tennessee lawmakers expelled for joining gun control protest, The Gateway Process and Mankinds Hidden Potential (Video), This means that every dollar of US aid to Israel is illegal!, Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak Admits Israel Has Nukes, The Khazarian Cabal & Founding of Wall Street. Maybe someone in a lab should take these worms seriously. Yes they are called fibres. From Transgender to Transable: People are Now Choosing to Identify as Handicapped (VIDEO), Facebook Employees Trash Mark Zuckerberg and His Metaverse Obsession, Major Warmongering Move by U.S. Military Pushing NATO into WW3 with Russia, YIKES! These black fibres have been around as long as the colored ones but I think they serve a different function than the so called morgellons fibers. No real attrition, Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna could lose job after flagrantly breaking Florida laws, CNN Host Shockingly Blasts Teachers Union Boss Over School Closure Lies (Video), Watch: Musk Warns Bill Maher Woke Mind Virus Is Existential Threat To Civilization (Video). These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. Water or moist activates them as we can see how one worm absorbs water and starts moving afterwards (at 2m00s). It all sounds like crazy talk but apparently, its not. You then scrub it until it foams (and it foams very much), take the foam, keep scrubbing it until it turns into a sort of body lotion like fluid, attach it to the part of your skin that suffers the most, let it dry and then rinse it off. Nanoworms Found in Masks(again): MP4 VIDEO. (Video), SHOCKING! I saw this, about textile fibers? That led me to thinking about what another commented mentioned about country of origin and possible contaminated water (known or unknown) being used in the manufacture of meltblown fabric which is what the masks are made from. Here is the page on their site that sells the equipment for Morgellons. What did the US-UK-UA-EU-NATO terror group think the Kremlin would do after this reckless attack on the Russian Federations Crimea?! Close up images and videos of face masks show synthetic fibers moving due to static electricity or . Other videos link the fibre to something called Morgellons. What, something bigger than a virus can pass through a mask? They also provide specific frequency programs for Morgellons, and other medical issues. Update: Prominent DC Lawyer Who Served in Clinton Administration Was NOT Killed by Severe Turbulence on Business Jet, National Embarrassment: Saudi TV Mocks Biden In Skit (video), Top German Health Official Reluctantly Admits On-Air to Covid Vax Injuries, The long-term goal is to put together the Fake Alien Invasion that is really a psy-op using phony aliens. remove some of the organisms and place on a slice of uncooked meat (pork or steak) which is warmed to and maintained at normal body temperature to see how it reacts. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". Well, get well soon then and GOd bless. PROOF that Zelenskys Nazi Regime really wants a nuclear catastrophe and/or war on Ukrainian soil! Rumble There are parasitic worms on facemasks and Covid-Swabs, which is now confirmed to the absolute horror of a medical doctor. WAR PROFITEERING ALERT: Not only is Zelensky stealing billions of US military aid, Kievs Nazi Regime is right now buying diesel fuel form Russia at $400.00 per gallon!?!?!?! Now, will you still ask the government to grant you you a few human and GOd given rights? Robert Kennedy Jr. 2023 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. Not everyday but when they do it its obvious and I have it documented. Claims to the contrary are false. Trumps Attorney Joe Tacopina Discusses Looming Indictment As Naked Political Prosecution By A Weaponized DA Office (Video), They Are Attacking Christianity Woman Pushes A Priest Off The Stage During A Live Mass Broadcast (Video), NWO Weather Warriors Targeting Conservative Midwest and Christian South with Unrelenting Acts of Geoterrorism. So, I just want to recognize the enormous amount of emotions that I have gone through since finding these and to remind us that in our own bodies, weve got hundreds of microorganisms that not only live happily with us, they help us to live. It looks like the Biden admin is disappearing the Ukraine War after so much bad news and wasted US taxpayer money were thrown at it without an iota of accountability. Philadelphia Pays Over $9 Million to Rioters for Injuries Incurred in 2020 George Floyd BLM Riots, WATCH: Retired Lt. Col.s Remarks Receive Thunderous Applause From House Foreign Affairs Committee (Video), FL Woman Suing Eye Drop Company After Product Allegedly Caused Rare Bacterial Infection and Loss of Vision, WATCH: Anthony Fauci Blames Anti-Vaccine Mandate Republicans for COVID and Says He Will Break Their Will (Video), RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION PLUS! I know they were helped from COVID relief bill , 50 percent of revenue for well over 1YEAR. $100 Million Gold Heist At Canadas Biggest Airport Goodfellas Meets Italian Job, Vaxx Mandate Fascist Gene Simmons Suffers On-Stage Health Issue, Cancels Show (Video), Maxime Bernier rebukes transgender madness targeting kids, blasts Conservative Party silence, Top Whistleblower Dr. Rima Laibow Warns Globalists Preparing New Bio-Attack (Video), Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco Outright Lies About Protecting SCOTUS Justices, Written Directives Tells Federal Marshalls NOT to Enforce the Laws Safeguarding Jurist Homes (Video), While Multiple Charges Against Hunter Biden Are Being Considered, They All Amount To A Nothingburger, IRS Confirms Bidens AG Merrick Garland Lied Under Oath, Committed Perjurytold Congress that Hunter Biden probe is being mishandled (Video), ONLY IN THE USA!!! Although its been a long time since Ive batted an eye about topics like UFOs, even I am having cognitive dissonance over some of things Im reporting on lately, such as the prevalence ofSatanic pedophiliaand the use ofadrenochrome, as major factors in the child sex trafficking and the crisis on the US southern border that were now seeing. Wake up, the leftist govts are trying to destroy us with a fake PLANdemics. Crittenden claims wearing masks causes oxygen deprivation (experts say it doesnt), that they don't offer protection against coronavirus and that chemicals used on masks will give wearers cancer. An important model system for understanding genes, neurons and behavior, the nematode worm C.elegans naturally moves through a variety of complex postures, for which estimation from video data is challenging. These imposters are the puppet masters whose messiah is Lucifer/Satan. A few months ago we had absolute no hand gel anywhere including the bathroom and what was available by the sinks was Floor cleaner !!!! Most people do not want to acknowledge that this is occurring because they would never think of doing such a thing themselves, whether it is inserting worms in masks, conducting 9/11, etc. One of them is the Spooky2. Its for you to then determine if theyre material fibers or actual parasites. By the way, the massive Minnesota fishkill indicates a much larger HUGE radioactive leak. O.N.E. I use it when I get allergic reactions to dry cleaned shirts which before would not stop growing until I had several layers of said skin irritations and best at last, it even prevents the skin from braking at the elbow of a friend of mine who suffers heavily from neurodermatitis. Heres yet another reason why FOX fired Tucker. Ive kind of done the odds on this. Woe to you, have fear, senior Orthodox bishop tells Zelensky, The Republican Party Shows Its True Loyalties Toward the Apartheid State of Israel, New Covid booster planned for this Spring even though, China, Brazil strike deal to ditch U.S. dollar for trade, Zelensky Dissed by Austrian ParliamentBIG TIME! 81 comments Cinema Mode. The Democrat Party Reportedly Received Half Its Donations from Unemployed Americans, Many Are Elderly Voters Whose Identities May Have Been Stolen Wheres the Money Really Coming From? These are probably synthetic fibers that move due to electromagnetic forces generated from heat and are completely harmless. News Main Page $ 60; $1.50 A Day Introductory Offer - Advertise A Banner Ad (468x60 pixels) On O.N.E. The public plays a dangerous game The Biggest Bubble In World History, WOW! Media endorsement of mass paranoia and fear. (is guess based on the timing) but fact is theyre spraying something in the sky above my town ever since end of Nov(after the fake election) . A purported doctor, who is seen on a video and identified only as "Dr. T.," took a look under a microscope, she said, and found masks contaminated with parasites. When I put on my cloth mask, it starts wiggling. Today we can report that there is more to this lunatic than meets the eye. Wyandotte schools superintendent resigns amid 5G cell tower controversy (Video), Role Reversal: The Collapse of the Dollar-Enforced Empire, UNPRECEDENTED! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Did the resigning Saudi bank chief intentionally trigger the collapse of Credit Suisse?! Lymphoma and leukemia are the cancers most commonly linked to occupational exposure to ethylene oxide, although stomach and breast cancers may also be associated, according to the National Cancer Institute. This was the first thing I thought of watching this. YouTuber Tim Truth was the first to compile an in-depth video of the incoming video evidence from all around the world. I also had/ have a strong suspicion these planes been spraying something in the skies that have been contributing to the COVID Resurgence/ spikes etc. They would rather say that we are psychotic! interest and debt free, of course for the greater good of every citizen. Miscarriages in Lanarkshire did not double in 2022. Are Jews responsible for the destruction of Western Civilization as Tobias Langdon claims or Is the cause self-destruction resulting from white liberal attacks on white confidence [or both]?! For all we know its just some kind of skin disease and the lesions get contaminated . YouTuber Tim Truth was the first to compile an in-depth video of the incoming video evidence from all around the world. Try it out! For the purposes of that scheme, weve rated this claim as false WATCH: Rep. Cory Mills Presents Lloyd Austin With Articles Of Impeachment Drafted Against Him (Video), An Opening Salvo: House GOP Circulates Debt Limit Framework Heres Whats In It. Omg. It is slow going in the beginning because the ground work had to be laid so you will understand how it all ties together; be patient it will be worth your time. But to help you get started watch the well done documentary The Dimming. I examined the front and back of 5 new/fresh blue/white Costco via China masks under a microscope and found no black, red, blue fibers nor moving fibers. I agree. At least five killed in latest US school shooting as the latest Gladio-style false flag shooting carried out to enact draconian gun control legislation. Exposure to 5G radiation will further attack the immune system. Swedens supposedly conservative prime minister has called for Hungarys conservative government to be removed from power.., REPORT: CBS News Executives Barred the Word Transgender From Coverage of Nashville Shooter, They Will Fail He Will Be Re-Elected in the Greatest Landslide in American History -Trump Campaign Responds New York DAs Indictment, DHS Secretarys Own Treasonous Testimony Proves Complex Criminal Conspiracy Between US Government and Mexican Drug Cartels (Video). Next youll be telling me that my chicken wire wont stop mosquitos, or that my cullender on a stick wont keep my dry when it rains. Where Is the House GOP? Professor Dolores Cahill: Why People will Start Dying a Few Months After the First MRNA Vaccination: And they do protect against coronavirus. In which case, if we are taking about that, we must all now do everything that we canweve got to take this as seriously as we possibly can but what I dont want to do is to move people into a state where there has already been too much fear around; to move them from a fear of the virus to a fear of a worm. These are mRNA vaccines which means these vaccines attach a virus to the RNA, a messenger of DNA, which forever changes ones DNA. With a knife and red fingernails?, FLASHBACK: Hanoi Jane Fonda Calls For Murder of Christians/Pro-Lifers on The View Just WEEKS Before Nashville Christian School Shooting, Joe Rogan on Biden: How About the Fact that the Guy Whos the President Right Now Cant Form a F*cking Sentence (VIDEO), The Biden Effect: South African Minister Says Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, and Others Want to Join BRICS Alliance. RED ALERT! And would you also be willing to fund her legal battle that would result? These products must be applied directly to the flat worms in order to be effective. Similarly, ethylene oxide is a known carcinogen, but its not used to sterilize masks as widely as the original post claims. I dont know what to do. There are a limited number of online listings where manufacturers claim their masks are sterilized with ethylene oxide, also known as oxirane. The latest crazy story is that there are parasitic worms on facemasks and COVID swabs, which is now confirmed, to the absolute horror of a medical doctor in the UK, who practiced for years as an emergency room doctor and as an otolaryngologist and who was also a teacher of anatomy and related subjects at a medical school. Now the rape, pillage and plunder of the Ukraine begins in earnest. It was widely believed that aerosol spraying (chemtrails) distributed the carbon nanotubes, which self-assemble into the black strands seen in Morgellons disease, when activated by specific electromagnetic frequencies. As much as I enjoyed your video and your passion this video I just ran across does explain why these could be fibres. The Nashville crime scene was set up in advance and the shooting was staged. They were thinking they might be RNA strands meant to alter our genetics. Perhaps they are programmed to migrate to the brain. Alvin Bragg Prepares the Ultimate Frankenstein Indictment. Any organic living parasite will be frozen to death, I would hope. its around 3 to 6 bucks and you can find it easily online by searching for black soap made all natural Nigeria DHS Sec. Hip hop hooray, This isnt about keeping people from getting a virus; this is about changing ones DNA. EPPSgate! BJd4NBEFAkg They're also on the PCR swabs: DCKOm7agNZY Register; Help . Third Major Bank to Fail Since March, Toronto Catholic teacher tweets incessantly about 2SLGBTQI issues, What Tucker Could Not Talk About, Bank Runs Coming, Nuke War Coming (Video), WOWSER! A list of arguments that illustrate the COVID-19 test is scientific fraud. Fibres from face masks and test swabs can cause Morgellons disease. COVID-19 testing swabs are typically made out of synthetic fibers such as polyester, rayon, viscose and nylon. Just thought people might like to know what Ive found. Just another way to depopulate the world. *** We need to know if the parasitic worms are organic or synthetic. Dalai Lama regrets asking boy to suck my tongue, The Point Of No Return The die has been cast. The genie is out of the bottle Pandoras box has been opened , This is how Americas intensifying race war is being systematically incited by the, Soros-Funded and -Supported DAs, Prosecutors & States Attorneys are not only acting with total impunity, they are brazenly committing crimes against, Western Sanctions and the War in Ukraine Creating a New World Order, And China is Leading the Parade. Ive been telling people for months to stop wearing these evil muzzles . Take off the bloody masks and avoid Morgellons. Called er did not mention this worm thing afraid theyd think Im crazy. Alejandro Mayorkas (Video), All Hell Breaks Loose After Marjorie Taylor Greene Mercilessly Calls Out Swalwell (Video)l. Just like the 2007/2008 real estate market collapse.. Folks need to know that most of these serial killers are state-sponsored Gladio-style fearmongering operation designed to distract. One year ago in April of 2022, the Biden regime announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board with a lunatic in charge. They are textile fibers from clothing. While fibres can be found in masks and swabs, none of these other claims are true, and there is no evidence to back them up. The latest crazy story is that there are parasitic worms on facemasks and COVID swabs, which is now confirmed, to the absolute horror of a medical doctor in the UK, who practiced for years as an emergency room doctor and as an otolaryngologist and who was also a teacher of anatomy and related subjects at a medical school. A large study into the condition by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US found no common underlying medical condition or infectious source was identified, similar to more commonly recognised conditions such as delusional infestation. triggers yet another civil war in Sudan to prevent Russia from building naval base (Videos), U.S. Foments Coup detat in Sudan Just Two Months After Lavrovs Visit and Russian Overtures for Red Sea Naval Base, WHY ARE THESE HAPPENING SO OFTEN? Biden willing to damage US economy to counter China US Treasury Janet Yellen, This Trans Person Is Outright Saying They Are Planning A Mass Shooting And Nobody Is Doing Anything About It (Video), PUTINS REVENGE: A Devastating Hypersonic, Bunker Buster Missile Strike Takes Out 300 with 200 Western and Ukrainian NATO Top Brass. Harmlessb) Nano tech fibers placed by nefarious entities whos means and results are unknown.c) Alien Worms they brought back from Mars. Left-Wing Protesters Shut Down Montana House After Transgender Lawmaker Censured For Hateful Comments About Republicans (VIDEO), There are obviously many reasons why FOX fired Tucker, but this particular one reigns supreme because of how, Psychopath Tyrant Justin Trudeau THE KING OF VACCINE MANDATES Now Says He Never Forced Anyone to Get the COVID Vaccine (VIDEO), The end of paper currency just go closer (Video), Video: 5 Cops Burst Into A Mans House To Arrest Him For Piercing His Sons Ear Without A License. The vaccinated people with new OS need a hard drive, dont they? If they are also on Covid Swabs is that why they do nasopharyngeal swab so that they are placed near the base of the brain ? Thus, when people re-emerge into society, more people will fall ill. Some people are worried about moving worms on a face mask. The bankers have merely moved had quarters into china, their wet dream of a technocratic surveillance state void of any private rights but to work 7 days a week or be put into an re education campbut not foreveronly until someone needs and pays for your liver or heart in which case youll be killed via headshot to harvest the organs and if you do not believe that, take a close look at chinas state secretaries website promoting and ensuring the promise of finding your matching organ within 2 weeks of your application. Brazen Indian Vigilantes Gun Down Two Brothers On Live TV Right In Front Of Police And Journalists (Video), How Just One Trans Influencer Is Taking Down Corporate America (Video), The coming globalized digital money system just got the endorsement it needed to proceed as the replacement for fiat paper currencies, MSM Pro-Trans Gaslighting Explodes Nationwide as GOP-dominated States Terminate the Practice of Child Mutilation and Sterilization (Video), SUPER-STAGED! After seeing numerous videos on the internet, the doctor decided to take a look under the microscope, and to her shock every mask she tested was contaminated with parasites. It was so creepy I would not wear it. Video leaves many with impression China is building secret army in U.S. thanks to Bidens open borders, Doctor Warns that Our Food System Is Causing a National Emergency (Video), Substantial Percentages of People Injured by the Jab: Not Every Vial Is the Same, Secretly Exposing Americans To Chemicals (Video), Liberal Ideological Tropes Embedded in Star Trek.

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