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spectrum cable box stuck on 480i

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Could it be the SCART cable? The front of your router has an unlabeled Wi-Fi status light on the lower right. One time this happened and Customer Service Rep on the phone sent a signal and walla I had service again. We strive to provide you with the tools you need to take control of your entertainment experience. Does this most likely mean the TV is shot? Home Blog FAQ Cable Guide: How to Reboot Spectrum Cable Box. Yes, you can install Spectrum by yourself! Just this week I installed a home theater system consisting of a Vizio 50-inch Plasma TV, Onkyo HT-S907 receiver and DVD, and an Optimum/Cablevision (Suffolk county, NY) Scientific Atlanta 8330 HD dvr cablebox. Clock numbers on box started to go about five months ago, but didn't want to deal with it due to covid. Read on to learn how its done. Im connected to a socket in the wall. No problem. When you sign up for Spectrum, the company ships a self-installation kit to your address. . I hooked it up to my Sharp Roku TV and I am getting this NO SIGNAL message. Any thoughts?? In most situations, restarting the cable box (unplug it for at least thirty seconds, then plug it back in) will resolve most issues. Except getting a new HDMI cord. I have tried unplugging all cables and leaving overnight, but still no joy, I turn my hisense tv on and I get a blue screen with no signal. THANK YOU!! Resetting tv. I have a Vizio tv.I need to switch the input to HDM1 from HDM2 without a remote. Times a-wastin. Please help. I have been told the places the input plug into are not any good. Returned after dinner and turned on TV again. What else can I do? 10 Reasons Why A Gas Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry, LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working After Water Filter Replacement. Rebooting your cable box. YPBPR. If it is cable or satellite you can go in and change your resolution using your remote from that device. I have a Polaroid TV, just had cable hooked up! Self-installation is simpler than you may thinkall you need to do is follow our installation guide. Clicking on any of these does not work and I cant get out of that list keeping appearing.Vic. As a result, youll experience different issues with your cable box, including Spectrum stuck on initial application. Disclaimer: Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site ("Posts") comes from individual users, not JustAnswer; JustAnswer is not responsible for Posts. What is going wrong I cant watch any tv, My lg LCD tv was working fine. Ive tried all suggestions but still NO SIGNAL. If i hook up ps3 to home theater system with s cable and then use a hdmi cable will i still have 1080p? . Please help, I have been transferring my old VHS to DVD. They stand out as reliable suppliers of quality TV programming and internet services. HDMI-2 works fine on the main tv and also in the bedroom. Then grab the black phone cable from your kit. We had pixels that were not working properly already, so Im going to try the TCon board, almost certain, you answered and solved our issue. spectrum cable box stuck on 480i Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, we will move on towards the solutions. The power went out here for about 3 seconds, but when the cable came back on it showed NO SIGNAL on the TV.I tried the steps above to remedy the situation, but to no avail.Is there anything else I can try? Similarly, itll be easier for you to troubleshoot the issue at hand when you know its probable causes. Is something inside that TV malfunctioning? My panasonic tv still says no signal. I have a Veon 32 inch LCD TV.I moved to a new house and I still have a no signal on the screen.Its like Ive lost all my channels.I have retuned it multiple times.Ive switched sources and everything and it still doesnt work. Disconnect your cable box from the power source and leave it disconnected for up to five minutes. It get red and yellow light but no Channel will start. Go ahead and skip down to How to activate Spectrum internet.. Tuck your cables and cords in cable wraps. It was hooked up from antanna to a booster that has a splitter to the 2 tvs. Tried removing cables and unconnecting putting aerial lead direct to to have checked fuses, unplugged everything but still say no signal. We are having the same issue now after AT&T U-verse switched our old U-Verse box to a wireless one - so not sure how to resolve that since there are no cables. Have the same issue with my VizioGot a new cable box, new remote.still getting NO SIGNAL, I have the exact same issue on my hitachi. Just switched to spectrum for the triple play package yesterday. Thank you so much for your help. Faster Internet, right now they are doing 2 and 3. Please Ive tried everything and tv says no signal for 3 days now, Im so angry I could spit! It came with no remote. I checked cords and I dont have cable I just have an antenna and its on the right port. I keep getting a no signal message on screen.It comes on and off a few times a minute using an Arial TV.It has never happened before in the last 15 years.This has been going on for 2 days now.I live in the ME2 area of Kent. I tried both antennas on a different TV a d they both work and the TV gets a signal. The main tv and cable box in my living room is working perfectly. Has that tv died? The cable box is connected using RF and it's 480i. How To Fix A Portable Air Conditioner Leaking Water? -Plug the power cable back into your Cable or SAT set top box. The easiest way to reset your Spectrum cable box is to unplug it, wait 60 seconds, and then plug it back in. in TV Equipment. Press the Menu button on the remote, and select User Settings. Even the best of providers can disappoint sometimes. The restart will also provide updates the the cable box. How To Fix Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Code E01 F06. Using the HDMI connections and the voice-activated feature, the TV should tell you that you've "powered ON" and (in a message box in the upper right hand corner} are using the "HDMI 1, 2 or 3 connection with a 1080p resolution." My guess is that someone in the local engineering department made a mistake on the CableCard configuration, and anyone in my neighborhood with a CableCard (and I might be the last man standing) would have the same problem. Once youve attached the coax cable to your Spectrum receiver, plug the HDMI cable into the receiver and TV. Select TV Display Capabilities. I listen and watch several videos at Youtube and also your instructions and tried all of the recommended steps to resolve this issue and none of them works. yesterday I wanted to watch my soap opera so I clicked on NBC and then I was stuck there nothing moving couldnt click out removed my HDMI cable waited plugged back in nothing I think Im still stuck in NBC. On the bedroom TV cant even find retune on menu. I unplug the power cord and plug back in and it cycles thru the greeting screen and it eventually turns on programming. Sign in with your Spectrum username and password. Each one generally blames the other. Rosalie,Try a new HDMI cable.Be sure the component the HDMI cable is connected to is ON.-RR, After setting up omgtv, All HDMI plug I tried, it says no signal. I was sweet talked into getting an Apple TV box, by a salesperson on the phone, I was skeptical, but I decided to listen and it sounded so . | Feb 3, 2023. I plugged into her antenna NO SIGNAL again. Once your coax cable is in place, go ahead and plug in the modems power cable into the modem and an electrical outlet. No use or reprinting of content without permission. The cat walked on the remote control and now I have no TV signal.I am trying to figure out how to get the line back in on the TV, Yes it is hooked up to the internet.I have no idea how to get the line in for the internet to bring the cable into the house, and without this it will not work on cable.Just says Line on the TV.How do I bring back the line into the house to watch the TV.Checked all cords and everything good.Scrolled thru the menu and just cant find out what to do. On my tv. i didnt even touch the cable connecting from the tv to my cable box then suddenly the tv cant get a signal from the box. If you have an issue with your Shaw Digital Cable Box it can often be fixed with a simple reset. Who would i contact or what should I do? I have 2 computer monitors and 1 tv all hooked up to eachother. Highlight each resolution option, and press OK to change to Yes or No. The Overall Best Music Torrent Sites in 2023, Top Pirate Bay Alternatives You Should Consider, How To Fix Spectrum Remote Volume Not Working, How Spectrum makes the world better for its customers, What Is Spectrum Extreme Internet: All You Need To Know. The provider caters to all fans with genres such as sports, movies, music, news, drama, comedy, and even premium shows. reset it to factory setup. Hi RR,Many, many thanks for your reply.Unfortunately, our old Daewoo died a death by the following morning.Nothing would work when she was turned on.No lights on the front nothing so she has gone to the big tv graveyard in the sky.Since replaced by a Samsung series 6 tv. The coax outletsometimes called a cable outlethas a small cylinder that extends from the wall. I press source on handset and usually I can scroll up and click on top item and signal is ok and freeview tv works again. Turn off the receiver from your remote and turn it back on after 60 seconds. Top 15 Project Free TV Alternatives for Streaming Your Favorite Shows How To Download Microsoft Solitaire For Windows, Beginners guide to Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS), How to Fix Vizio Sound Bar HDMI Arc Not Working Issue. Ive tried everything including all the steps listed but the cable input wont work.Please, what do i do? Cable box was changed. I have tried everything and even tech support and new satellite box. You (as I and many others, I am sure, have noticed) that in the top right corner of the screen immediately after the TV channels are changed you will see the designates 480i, 720i, or 1080i. Avid TV fans are obsessed with Spectrum cable for obvious reasons. This does not reflect the store, but the company. I have 2 TVs- 1- bedroom and 1 front room. I live in NYC btw. ; Press the left arrow on your Shaw remote control until you find the Settings option; Choose the setup option Aspect Ratio.From here you will be able to select either Standard (4:3) TV or Widescreen (16:9) TV. Had same box for last 6 years at two different apartments. AV. Colleen,Have you tried checking that the TV antenna wires are secure, tight, not damaged, and the antenna is in the correct place?Was the antenna moved?Do you have the TV in the correct INPUT?The TV needs to be set on ANTENNA when you cycle through the INPUTS.Try everything above and then run a CHANNEL SCAN for the ANTENNA not cable. You are using an out of date browser. Follow the guidelines below to reset your equipment. How to reset cable box stuck on L3? This can take anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes, based on if your router needs a firmware update. Joe P., Long Island, NY. Cisco 9865HDC_2 DVR box with the Spectrum guide vs old Samsung box. What should I do ? My TV Samsung was doing the same thing until I reprogrammed all the channels.Not in the setup but on the menu (plug and play).There is a video on youtube from SAMSUNG that guides you on that particular problem.My suggestion will be to try different inputs.Try connecting your cable box to another TV.Last but not least you may have a bad Main board on your TV. 2010-2023 CableTV. All I use my Insignia TV for is over-the-air TV broadcast viewing. Thank you. We have a fairly old (2008) Daewoo LCD flatscreen tv which has worked pretty well, until this morning.Problem: It will not stay on the HDMI channel.When HDMI is selected the tv seems to switch off and then come on again to the no signal message.We use a Virgin Media Tivo box which is the ONLY source for the TV via the HDMI input port.Normally . Installation video from This worked perfectly up until yesterday.. My second TV gets perfect reception and all under house cables seem intact. Find out how you can install Spectrum Internet and TV yourself. I guess that's something. The input reads HDMI 1 ARC . I have tried the troubleshooting steps listed above. They told me I would have to now pay for the local channels I was getting free before I had internet/roku service installed as well as after. All you have to do is plug in a few cables and log into the activation page, but firmware updates could take up to 30 minutes altogether depending on your router and modem. If not, dont get in a state. This happened while watching, theTV works fine when down streaming Netflix. I have two tvs on a cable box and three without. Also the only feature on the dish remote that will work is the volume, Did all the unplugging and checking but still have no signal help please. I tried all the step listed above and nothing is working. If you signed up for Spectrum's voice service with your internet service, go ahead and plug your phone into an electrical outlet now. Unplug your receiver from the power source and leave it unplugged for up to a minute. I had check my set up box. Using the HDMI connections and the voice-activated feature, the TV should tell you that you've "powered ON" and (in a message box in the upper right hand corner} are using the "HDMI 1, 2 or 3 connection with a 1080p resolution." TVs can be switched if they are "open-box" items or returns - if that is the case then you should return it with your . Its frustrating.. For a "newbie," you're doing pretty well so far: you bought some nice gear and are definitely asking the right questions. Help what do I do. Please help before I pull all my hair out!!! 6 Assigning Volume Controls. my monitor is samsung 713n. Used my TV last night and it was in perfect condition. It will look great, don't fret! Non-X1 HD TV Box (Pace) Turn off the TV Box. I was able to get HDM1 working againNja. You need an HD cable box and an HDMI or DVI cable to connect it to your TV. Most stations, such as CBS, NBC, and others, are 1080i. I performed all the steps above multiple times. Every time I change the volume the screen goes blank and the cable box switches back from 480p that I have to manually set the cable box at. If youre also setting up Spectrum TV, connect the coax splitter to the coax cable as described above. im just wondering if its my cord (video/audio cable) or my cable box that have a problem. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What youll find inside depends on which Spectrum services you have. My tv says no signal but there is sound from each channel. Disconnect your cable box from the power source and leave it disconnected for up to five minutes. Prices and offers are subject to change. This solution works well to resolve a lot of issues associated with your spectrum cable box and not this particular issue alone. Changing the aspect ratio setting on the cable box will allow the TV to receive the signal in a different aspect ratio, allowing for a more detailed high-definition picture. Thank you. Component satellite Satellite! The problem is I have to do this every time I wish to use the tv and it certainly causes frustration. Now it is showing NO SIGNAL. Placing the picture size setting on the "cinema" setting with the goal of getting some of the 480i broadcasts to fit the entire screen many times results in large parts of actors bodies and backgrounds being cut off from view. Best Regards, Brian. about 10 years oldHD exterior pole mounted antenna about 4 years old. I thought that was referring to the satellite signal and even with and all disconnected it still says no signal. My tv keep on saying no signal, even after I followed all required step trying to fix a problem but no changes. My dogs knocked my box off the tv while i was gone today.Everything is plugged in still.But the card was ajar.Not clicked in securely.It comes on but white channel with lines.What can I do to fix this? My PlayStation 3 comes on but to put it back on the For Television to play, it has No Signal, I pressed the SOURCE to get an internet connection and it would not change. My old Samsung DVR box (clock with two tuners) finally failed. Prob for couple of weeks now. This measure is known to resolve many issues arising with the Spectrum cable box and not this issue alone. I even unplugged the cable i use for the outdoor antenna and used an old cheapy rabbit ear type I bought at wal-mart, just to make sure it wasnt my antennas problem on top of the house. I do not have the TV remote so I am in a quandary! Definitely seems like a tv issue but I dont know what to try? I accidentally pressed down on my hard disc remote which I use to access my freeveiw channels. Is it possible that my cables are bad and moving things messed them up?I am so close to finishing 30 years of VHS I have got to get this fixed. Denis is an article/blog and content writer with over 3 years of experience in writing on different niches, including product reviews, buyers guide, health, travel, fitness, technology, tourism. All are on a surge protector. No Signal it says. Cabel company says no outages. Why do we pay these high costs when we cannot watch TV when we want to do so? Suggestions???? This time, when I press source I get a list of input sources: DVB-C, ATV, AV, Scart, Component, VGA, HDM1, HDM2, HDM3, Media. Unfortunately the tv Im having issues with is much bigger and better quality. It was working fine last night. You can also refresh your TV equipment online before trying the rebooting remedy. And, the first step towards fixing the Spectrum cable box stuck on downloading initial application is checking for loose cable connections. I'm assuming you've at least tried a new DVR box to make sure this is not a defect in the box itself (a fairly easy test). what is josh elliott doing today,

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